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*Itemized Pricing of Dr. Herman's Unique
Rapid Health Recovery System Exams

You are here because you want to rapidly reclaim you optimal health. You are in the right place at the right time, because the unique diagnostic process and health recovery protocols have been proven to work in the case of thousands of patients who have come to Dr. Herman’s clinic.

The investment you are making is an investment in the rest of your life that will have become a vastly different experience from the one it would have been without Dr. Herman’s unique methods.

Here is the simple breakdown of the investment you will be making (you can review Dr. Herman’s video where he describes in detail what happens during the appointment on the FAQ page (click here to view video under “How does Dr. Herman do his testing?”)

Initial detailed
Pre-exam Discovery Diagnostic Consultation Appointment with Dr. Herman where he conducts the preliminary examination, and gets familiar with your history, including the results of your previous medical tests. This takes approximately about an hour. This is a non-refundable deposit. If you can not make it, your deposit will be applied to your new date.
$697 (USD)

Your Quantum Rapid Health Restoration System Exam Bundle is built around 3 main components:

1.) The Quantum Core Resonance Diagnostic Exam (which also includes a bonus Quantum Environmental Exam);
2.) The Quantum Resonance Dental Exam;
3.) The Quantum Food Sensitivity Exam.

Your investment for this extraordinary bundle is $5,796.00 (USD)

Your Quantum Protocol includes easy, detailed instructions for you to follow.

The process is very precise, and you must follow it thoroughly.

Your follow-up exam is approximately 2-3 months after your initial exam, once you've completed your Quantum Customized Protocol.


It’s been proven negative emotions are responsible for release of toxic chemicals in your body, which in turn, become a magnet for various infections, which can create tremendous havoc in your body.

If you are serious about restoring your Optimal Health, it’s highly recommended you also book your Quantum Emotional Impact Exam, which only takes an hour.

You may be astounded how much your emotional health has been affecting your physical health!

You may want to include Dr. Herman's “Quantum Resonance Emotional Impact Exam” in your overall Quantum Resonance Health Assessment process, which will add another one hour to your total exam time. The cost for this additional exam is $2,500 (USD), and is highly recommended.
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The follow-up date for your post treatment exam is suggested soon after you have completed your first protocols. At that time, Dr. Herman will consult with you and reassess your results. Based on his findings in this subsequent exam, he will prescribe a new healing protocol.

👉 Here is Dr. Herman’s fee structure for any subsequent visits (if necessary): Click Here

**At this point, your next Quantum Protocol, which includes your safe, and highly effective Quantum Energy Resonance Formulation, which constitutes an additional cost.

NOTE: Based on their complexity and time to formulate your customized health restoration protocol, the cost is in addition to your Rapid Health Restoration System Bundle and can range from $800.00 – $1500.00 USD. This is in addition to your examination investment.


Your Quantum Resonance Protocols in the form of healing liquid drops are prepared in Dr. Herman’s clinic lab, based on the unique findings accrued during the Quantum Resonance Diagnostic Exam. You may need to receive a significant number of them depending on precisely what’s happening in your body.

These Quantum Energy Resonance Formulations take hours to make and require a highly specialized scientific equipment for the formulation.

Your customized Quantum Protocols may last anywhere from 2-3 months. Because your treatment will last for many weeks, the overall cost of these remedies is nominal based on the duration of using them.

You may or may not need additional supplements during your healing protocols. If you need supplements, the cost is usually less than $100.

We highly recommend you get EMF protective devices which reduce the electromagnetic radiation that has been bombarding and debilitating your health. Cost of these devices can be shared with you during your visit at Dr. Herman’s clinic. Dr. Herman will advise you which EMF devices will best suit your needs. It’s important to note the negative cumulative effect of electromagnetic radiation upon a human body has been well documented in the scientific literature devoted to such research.

Important Note:

If you require a Saturday appointment, you can arrange it through Dr. Herman’s clinic assistant. Because Saturday is one day when we typically close the clinic, such appointment is done for those who cannot fit another day into their schedule. Also, because Dr. Herman has a waiting list, and it takes 2-3 months to see him, you can book a Saturday and get in earlier.

**Note: Saturday exam fees are double

When you compare these investments to traditional costs of often non-effective care, you will quickly realize these fees are nominal, particularly in the light of the incredible, significant and powerful results you will quickly experience.


* To book your initial Pre-Exam Diagnostic Discovery Consultation Appointment, a deposit of $697 is required.

* To book your Quantum Resonance Diagnostic Exam, a deposit of $1500 is required.

* To book your Quantum Food Sensitivity Diagnostics, no deposit required.

* To book your Quantum Resonance Dental Exam, no deposit required.

* To book your Follow-up Quantum Resonance Diagnostic Exam, a deposit $597 is required.


Here is Dr. Herman’s Clinic’s Refund Policy:

Please respect Dr. Herman’s time and the long waiting list of people desperately seeking his help.

If you can not make your appointment, please provide enough time for Dr. Herman’s clinic assistant to fill this slot in Dr. Herman’s schedule with someone who truly needs it.

If you can not make your appointment slot scheduled, Please call the clinic at least 2 weeks in advance to reschedule.

Once an appointment has been scheduled and deposits have been processed, we are very happy to reschedule and coordinate a new appointment time for your convenience. But note, there are no refunds.

Regarding the refund policy for the appointment time you requested for your Quantum Rapid Health Restoration System Bundle Exam:

A non-refundable deposit to reserve the 4 hour window in Dr. Herman’s schedule, for the Dr. Herman's Quantum Rapid Health Restoration System Exam Bundle is $1500 (USD). If you need to reschedule this appointment, you must handle the reschedule 3 weeks in advance. Our clinic will call you 2-3 weeks before your appointment to confirm this appointment. If we cannot reach you, after 2 attempts…and if you don’t call us back before 10 days of your Quantum Rapid Health Restoration System Bundle Exam, your appointment will be removed from Dr. Herman’s schedule and your $1500 (USD) deposit is non-refundable.