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Crippled by Ehlers-Danlos (EDS) Syndrome?

You can restore your functionality with this unique method…

Erase the Memory of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome for Good…

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) can be the most devastating diagnosis one can get.

Not only are you crippled with constant, persistent, and extremely painful joint dislocations throughout your entire body, you can not prevent them nor can you expect a cure.

You probably received powerful pain reliever medications, “anti”-inflammatory drugs, and physical therapy in attempt manage your hyper-mobility. More than likely you have been forced to use braces and splints to stabilize your joints.

For all practical purposes, you have become disabled.

The Good News Is...

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome can now be approached in a completely new way.

In every case I treated, I discovered it was caused by hidden infections and toxins in various parts of the body.

Having discovered this, I developed specific, unique protocols specially designed to get rid of these infections and toxins. Every single patient I treated experience a rapid, significant reversal of their symptoms.

Here's an Amazing Transformations of One My Clients…

Patient Transformation

Before: Kaylee Rademaker, 18 years of age from Port Orange Florida.

Kaylee was completely debilitated by Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

It all began at the age of 15 when she was walking through an amusement park with her family and her hip suddenly dislocated.

From that moment on, she began to experience spontaneous dislocations of her wrists, shoulders, ribs, ankles, knees, and even her fingers.

She constantly wore braces to prevent knee dislocations.

The rest of her body was taped with sport's tape to control the joints of her wrists, ankles, shoulders, and fingers.

She also attended vigorous physical therapy which failed to help her.

When I examined Kaylee, I discovered her body was profoundly infected with multiple severe infections and poisoned with toxins.

Her exam revealed she had parasitic infections in her plueral cavity and her diaphragm.

Her small intestine was overridden with a parasite, Giardia, while her esophagus was stressed by the parasite from malaria.

Her arteries contained severe Giardia infection.

When I examined her liver, I discovered more of the parasite associated with malaria, and a toxin from Botulinum bacteria known as Botulinium Toxin which is known to paralyze nerve tissues.

Her kidneys and stomach also contained botulinum toxin, lead, and black mold.

Her nervous system was profoundly affected by severe infections. For example, her vagus nerve was stressed by Mycoplasma bacteria and E. Coli bacteria.

Her amygdala was filled with Chikungunya virus while her diencephalon was holding the influenza virus.

I also discovered the Epstein-Barr virus in her diencephalon which indirectly caused weakening of her connective tissues, and subsequent joint dislocations.

After Treatment:

No wonder she was suffering the way she was.

Her excruciating symptoms were easy to explain. Her glial cells, which are the only cells in the nervous system which repair the nerve tissues and reproduce the myelin coating were severely compromised.

Because of this damage, her brain directly impacted her digestive process, leading to severe digestive problems.

This is a prime example of how a severe problem in one part of the body can be directly caused by an issue present in a completely different part of the body.

In summary a compromised brain = digestive problems.

My approach is as powerful as it is because I always consider your body as an interconnected system where nothing is separate from the rest.

Like Sherlock Holmes, I exam every possible variant that could be the underlying root cause for you health problem.

After I created specific remedies to combat these infections, she has experienced a rapid and complete disappearance of her symptoms.

Her results were astoundingly fast, which brings hope to patients like her.

BEFORE: All the Toxins and Infections I found causing havoc in her body...

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Here's what I found in her exam findings:
Her pleural cavity which is it a thin membrane tissue around the lungs are in the chest or thorax area had:
  • multiple parasitic infections
Her diaphragm had:
  • multiple parasitic infections
Her small intestine had:
  • Giardia parasitic infection
Her esophagus was infested with:
  • malaria parasite infection
Arteries bringing blood to the brain had:
  • the Giardia parasitic infection
Her liver had:
  • malaria parasite
  • Botulinum toxin
Her vagus nerve:
  • Michael Plasma bacteria
  • E. Coli bacteria
Her amygdala or fear panic anxiety part of the brain had:
  • the Chikungunya virus
In her diencephalon part of her brain, she had:
  • the the influenza virus.
The diencephalon in her brain helps to control many different parts of the body including different parts of the brain.
She also had the Epstein-Barr virus causing a malfunction in the diencephalon of the brain and that caused the malfunction to other parts of the brain, which can also then lead to weak connective tissues causing joint dislocations.
NOTE: Understand that the brain controls your connective tissues. When the brain can't control those connective tissues properly, they can become lax or too loose, allowing joint dislocations
Her kidneys had:
  • botulinum toxin
  • lead
Her stomach had:
  • botulinum toxin
  • black mold

After Treatment:

When Kaylee followed her individualized protocol, which helped her safely remove the EDS-causing infections and toxins I discovered, her symptoms rapidly vanished.

She's now enjoying hiking trips in the mountains at high altitude able to walk many miles with zero joint dislocations.


She had no more joint dislocations

No braces

No need for Sports tape

Able now to hike at high altitudes and to camp in the woods without joint dislocations..

“I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome at 15 years of age after I suddenly began to experience multiple, painful joint dislocations. I wore braces on my legs, splints on my fingers and my wrists, and sports tape on my shoulders. I couldn’t do much. Every movement I made I experienced dislocations of my joints…all of them. I am so glad my mother found Dr. Herman. Since completing my 2nd protocol he designed for me I have enjoyed the last 2 months with not one joint dislocation! Not one!”

Kaylee Rademaker

Watch Kaylee's Full Transformational Testimonial…

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Recovery
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Energized drops were provided to her to help her enhance her body's ability to remove these once hidden infections and toxins from the tissues.

I've dedicated my life to finding the answers to chronic disease for you to relieve yourself from chronic disease.

There are answers you can get well now we must open our hearts and Minds to find these answers.

Let's work together outside the box and start to get you well or on the journey to get you well.

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~ Dr. Lonnie Herman



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What Dr. Herman's Clients are Saying...

"Essential Temor was the diagnosis provided me by my neurologist. Dr Herman's unique method of practice provided me insight as to the hidden causes of my tremors."

Now I am tremor free! I recommend every person to see Dr. Herman."

Marlene Girard

”I suffered Restless Legs Syndrome for more than 50 years. Insomnia accompanied my Restless Legs condition.

My wife says Dr Herman provided me a miracle! 50+ years of RLS and Insomnia gone after my 1st visit with Dr Herman!”

Coach Ronald Christy

"Severe Migraine headaches for more than 40 years of my life. I suffered day and night. Now, after several treatments with Dr Herman...

I am happy to finally say...No More Migraines for more than 18 months!"

Valjean Dixon

“I cannot thank Dr Herman enough for what he has done for me. 5 visits to the hospital over several months trying to find answers for my rapid heart rate condition aka tachycardia aka POTS.

In one examination visit and one protocol, from Dr Herman, my resting heart rate dropped from 100bpm while resting in bed to an average 58bpm – 65bpm.

Matthew L

"24 long years I suffered Endometriosis. The pain was unbearable. Medication and surgery didn't help.

Now, after 2 protocols from Dr Herman, I miss no more work. I have no more pain!"

Argelia Parra-Solis

“12 years of my Parkinson’s Disease symptoms getting worse and worse. I followed Dr. Herman for more than 2 years before I made the best decision to seek him for care of my PD.

Now, I am feeling significant improvement in my daily functions!”

Dan Smeege

“For 8 long months, I suffered intense pain across my entire body. I felt like I was dying.

My heart rate, for 2 long years was 120bpm while resting. Doctors and hospitals had no answers for me. I am lucky my mother found Dr Herman! During my first protocol that Dr Herman provided me, all my pain disappeared and my resting heart rate dropped to 70bpm!”

Joshua Peel

“I suffered bladder symptoms including chronic UTI’s for 50+ years.

I am still amazed that after 2 visits with Dr Herman I have no more

UTI’s or bladder symptoms! Kudos to Dr Herman!”

Pamela Peterson

”My diagnosis as Dysautonomia aka POTS. 5 medications and nasal sprays did not help me feel better.

Dr Herman saved my life! I am nearly 100% better. Thank you Dr Herman!"

Jessica Cruz

“Nobody that I know of or ever heard of has ever achieved what we’ve achieved with my Hashimoto’s condition. I’m over the moon and Dr. Herman has helped me far beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

It’s worked Amazingly!”

Sharlene Kerekes

"For the last 4 years, I was living at a level 9 and 10 of pain. Like it wouldn’t drop below like an 8, 9, or 10, and like I was always in severe pain. And now, like after 2 weeks, I was at least a 7, and I started noticing it was helping. And then after 2 months, I was off one of my pain medications and I was maybe a 5 in pain!”

Krystal Vaughn

“I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome at 15 years of age after I suddenly began to experience multiple, painful joint dislocations. Every movement I made I experienced dislocations of my joints…all of them. I am so glad my mother found Dr. Herman. Since completing my 2nd protocol he designed for me, I have enjoyed the last 2 months with not one joint dislocation! Not one!”

Kaylee Rademaker

"I took immune suppressant medicine for my Lupus. The medication caused me ulcers. I had to stop taking those medicines. Dr Herman is the only physician who helped me recover. It was a tough journey but we did it!"

Shelia Ocasio

“Incontinence caused me a lot of suffering for 10 years. I was leaking in my bed every 30 minutes. A good night sleep was impossible for me. By the time I rushed to the bathroom my bladder had emptied onto the floor. I was miserable. My family and I are so grateful for Dr. Herman. The control I gained over my bladder was so fast I was amazed. Months after treatment and I still have no leaky bladder! Going to see Dr. Herman was the best decision I made.”

Roslyn Knowles

“I sneezed violently, 200 times a day, every day, for 8 months with no relief from various remedies and nasal sprays. I also used the netti pot which actually caused my sneezing to get worse. Dr. Herman’s method stopped my sneezing so fast. Everyone who suffers sinus congestion and constant sneezing should go to Dr. Herman. He finds the root causes and helps you eliminate them!”

Lorraine Shute

“My daughter, since birth, was not developing properly. By 3 years of age, in addition to her syncope condition, she also could not speak words. After her 1st protocol she had no syncope and she was able to speak a few words…for the first time!”

Onyx Smith’s Mother