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Exterminate Negative Emotions through Dr. Herman’s Quantum Emotional Impact Resonance Exam

 Negative emotions can have a profound negative impact on your overall health. We already know, negative emotions create toxic chemicals in your body. Dr. Herman’s unique Quantum Resonance Method allows you to obliterate their effects on your body, and rapidly get you on your feet to optimal health.

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Completely Obliterate the Effect of Negative Emotions and Subconscious Programs, and Rapidly Regain Your Optimal Health

Most people are not aware of how powerful is the effect of negative emotions on your overall health.

Negative emotions and subconscious programs that drive them, have a profound deleterious effect on human health, which has now become a scientifically proven fact.

Negative emotions arise from traumas, which create a profound impact on the subconscious mind.

These traumas generate unresolved emotional pain, which becomes a subconscious program, eroding the health of an individual.

The mechanism by which these traumas continue to destroy a person’s health is directly connected to the activation of dormant viruses and pathogens, which reside inside the body.

For example, a trauma may activate a dormant influenza virus, or any other virus, which could be located in any part of the body.

The activation of the viruses directly contributes to the creation of chronic pain and illness.

With Dr. Herman’s unique method, he can easily identify these viruses, their exact location, and link their presence to specific emotions, which originated in a traumatic event in the past.

Your Emotions Can be Debilitating Your Health

These viruses, resonate at a specific frequency, which can be completely neutralized with the Quantum Resonance Protocols Dr. Herman formulates leading to the removal of specific symptoms which were generated by these viruses.

Because the pain or chronic illness had been related to the negative emotions, the emotions disappear when the causal agents have been neutralized.

The extraordinary Quantum Resonance Method created by Dr. Herman has already helped hundreds of patients who were suffering from debilitating emotional pain.

Dr. Herman's Quantum Emotional Resonance Exam and intervention,
directly neutralizes negative emotions, and erases their effect upon the body.

The results are very quick and very dramatic, and this is why his Quantum Emotional Resonance Exam is such a vital part of the overall Quantum Health Restoration process.

In only one hour, you will discover how your negative emotional load, even the one you were unaware of, impacted your health.

You’ll suddenly be in a position to erase its impact and rapidly regain your optimal health.

Some patients report receiving a new release on life, a “rebirth” or even a transcendent experience.

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Acidic PH in the blood harbors the growth of pathogens

Negative emotions impact your overall health

Discover How Dr. Herman's Quantum Emotional Resonance Exam Can Dramtically Change Your Life

Patient Case Study

Anita's main complaint was severe lower back pain which prevented her from running, which she enjoyed for many years.

Running had been her main recreational activity and she was also a competitive runner for 15 years.

Her lower back pain became so severe, that she couldn’t run at all, and reported her back seizing up within 5 minutes of running.

Dr. Herman saw her in his clinic and he suggested she underwent his Emotional Resonance Exam.

Anita reported several events in her life where she felt betrayed by important others, and in one case, severely taken advantage of.

Dr. Herman quickly established Anita did not forgive those individuals and blamed herself for not having forgiven.

Dr. Herman’s testing determined a significant amount of infections spread throughout her body.

A particularly significant infections was present in her left kidney where he detected an enormous amount of Staphylococcus bacteria, and influenza viruses.

Her liver also contained influenced virus, in addition to Dengue Fever and malaria pathogens.

Dr. Herman formulated specific remedies to neutralize the effect of all those infectious agents, a process which would take over 70 days for Anita to complete.

Her Results:

During the treatment, Anita’s pains rapidly disappeared, but what stood out as particularly remarkable was the fact she experienced spontaneous recall of various events in her life, which were traumatic, and which she had totally forgotten.

She spontaneously accessed powerful negative emotions, which continued for 3 days, and felt like they were being processed out of her mind and out of her body.

She reported feeling really “heavy and dark”, and then sudden absence of the dark emotions, accompanied by complete relief of lower back pain and other joint pains.

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Severe lower back pain

Periods of depression and low energy

Unable to run

Unspecified joint pain

After Treatment

Anita was able to resume her running again and never again felt the agonizing lower back pain that was crippling her for more than 10 years.

Runner with no more back pain


Lower back pain gone

Resumed running

Joint pain gone

More clear, optimistic and generally calm

Reports more joy and energy

“My One-of-a-Kind Quantum Emotional Impact  Resonance Exam is an Essential Component of your Overall Health Restoration”

In only a short hour, you will discover the negative emotional load you've been carrying around, and receive a rapid answer to its progressive, highly damaging impact upon your body.

Most people have no idea how many negative emotions they are carrying around, and how severely those emotions degrade their overall physical well-being.

Because negative emotions typically originate early in life, an individual becomes used to their presence, and is not even able to recognize what they are.

Dr. Herman created a one-of-a-kind Quantum Emotional Impact Resonance Exam which instantly identifies all these emotions, and their severity.

Moreover, Dr. Herman is able to pinpoint the exact impact of these emotions on every patient's body, and rapidly neutralize this effect.

If you have been suffering from physical illness caused by your negative emotions, expect a quick relief of the symptoms, and the reversal of the debilitating effects of the illness.

Hundreds of patients have reported extraordinary release of negativity, increased energy allowing them to become more productive, and an overall increase in the sense of well-being.

Some report receiving a new release on life, a “rebirth” or even a transcendent experience.

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Discover How Dr. Herman's Quantum Emotional Impact Exam Transformed Their Lives…

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Your Mind and Body are Connected…

Your Body Reflects Your Mind

…Your Mind Shapes Your Body

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