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You are on this page because you have probably reached the limits of tolerance, having been diagnosed with Endometriosis.

You are probably suffering from intense pelvic pain around your period. You may feel pain while sitting or during an intercourse. Your love life may be suffering and you may be missing days from work, and important family events.

Like most Edometriosis sufferers you have probably exhausted various therapies, multiple laproscopies and maybe even had a hysterectomy, to no avail.

The Good News Is...

Emdometriosis can be stopped, “naturally”. I have treated thousands of women with debilitating symptoms, and “in” each case I have discovered the underlying root cause.

All of the women suffering with Endometriosis, that I have treated, have experienced magnificent results from my unique care.

The reason for my success has been my unique approach to treating the person with the disease, and revolutionary scientific findings which led me to formulate safe, powerful and perfectly customized Endometriosis-healing protocols that rapidly alleviate the awful symptoms.

Remove the Causes = No More Endometriosis pain.

The reason for my success has been a unique approach to the disease, and revolutionary scientific findings which led me to formulate a safe, powerful and perfectly customized Endometriosis-healing protocol that rapidly alleviate the awful symptoms.

During my years of research I discovered Endometriosis is always caused by undiagnosed infections and toxins in the body. Those create a blockage in the lymphatic system, lymph vessels or lymph nodes, which are unable to drain toxins from the endometrium.

You may have hidden infections and toxins not only in your endometrial tissue, but also your uterus, the fallopian tube, your ovaries, your cervix, or even your vaginal tissue, or the the ureters which come out of the kidneys.

People commonly think that a Strep Throat is the only place an infection of the Strep bacteria can take place.

Not so. You may have Strep bacteria that migrated to ANY and all tissues of your body during your Strep throat that happened many years ago. You can have Strep bacteria in your lungs, your stomach and yes, even in your Uterus causing your Endometriosis.

Rapid Health Restoration System works. It works fast and works for everyone.

When you come to my office, I will spend two hours with you where I will conduct various targeted tests to determine the exact root cause of your Endometriosis. Through the process I will find the exact bacteria and viruses causing havoc in your body. I will fond the exact locations of these infections, and find all the toxins that have been clogging your lymphatic system.

I will then create customized protocols, which includes Endometriosis reversing drops, for you, to help you rapidly reverse the agonizing symptoms of your Endometriosis.

Here are the stories of two of my clients:

Here are the success stories of two of my clients:
Patient 1
Before: When I saw Emma who flew to see me from Australia, she was literally “at the end of her road”. She has been suffering from Endometriosis for more than 20 years. She was deeply depressed as her pain was excruciating. In addition she was severely bloated, exhausted and suffered from nausea.

When I examined her, I discovered a large number of Endo-causing infections and toxins in her Uterus and other parts of her body. I quickly determined she had Adenovirus throughout her body, a parasite known as Giardia infecting her Endometrium, along with Staph bacteria infecting her uterus, ovaries and a nerve that connects to the uterus, the cervix and the bladder and surrounding tissues, called the Pudendal Nerve.”.

I also found Tetanus and borrelia bacteria, as well as two types of herpes on her pudenal nerve, as well has two types of herpes virus stressing her pudendal nerve which was referring pain signals to her uterus.

Furthermore, bacteria and viruses infections were embedded in her brain.

Stressed brain = Endometriosis pain.

Emma also had a clogged lymph system. Lymph tissues help to alleviate toxins and infections from the uterus.

It is possible that pelvic pains, and even the common chocolate cysts of the endometrium, are really due to an overwhelmed lymphatic system.

The toxin I found that had clogged her lymph was an anesthetic used in a surgery years prior to the beginning of her pelvic pains.

BEFORE: Toxins and Infections I found causing havoc in her body...

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Here’s what I found in her body causing her debilitating Endometriosis pains:

  • Adenovirus
  • Staph bacteria infecting the uterus, ovaries and Pudendal nerve
  • Giardia infecting her Endometrium
  • Tetanus bacteria and Borrelia bacteria and Herpes Virus stressing her Pudendal Nerve
  • Lymph tissues clogged with Propofol, general anesthetic, from surgery years prior

Next, I uncovered Herpes Simplex Virus was stressing her Pudendal Nerve.

Again, the Pudendal nerve is a nerve that comes from the lower spinal cord that goes through the cervix and the uterus and around the whole pelvic region. Infected Pudendal nerve = Pelvic Pains thought to be Endo Pains

Her fallopian “tubes”, were affected with:

  • Herpes simplex virus
  • Staph bacteria
  • tetanus bacteria
  • Borrelia bacteria

*Herpes simplex virus can cause the same painful tissue changes to the uterus and all organs like it did to this person’s skin.

After: After: “When my powerful, safe, customized protocol helped her eliminate these Endometriosis-causing infections and toxins, she reported a rapid reversal of her debilitating symptoms.

She reported, most importantly that her pelvic pain had vanished, her nausea of many years was gone, and her mental clarity felt “Like a fog lifted off her brain”.”

After her first rapid health restoration protocol :

She's totally without pain - 100% pain-free, one week to two weeks out of the month pain-free.

Her nausea experience is a lot less. She only has a couple of days during her flareups that she feels sick. Before, it was almost always throughout the entire month.

“Huge” change mentally just having a break from the pain.

She's “getting back into her body emotionally and physically”. She wonders where her last 15 years went.

Her bloating and the swelling connected to the flareups is a lot less. Now it's only mild bloating at this point.

All of this dramatic relief, of debilitating symptoms she suffered for 20 long years, she now enjoys was rapidly brought to her in her first 3 months of care with Dr. Herman.

Her follow through with more care with Dr. Herman can bring her 100% relief.

Listen to Emma's Amazing Transformational Review

Patient 2
Before: Argelia came to see me from Chicago. She has been suffering from Endometriosis for more than 24 years. It started when she was only 12 years old.

Her main symptom was intense pain that kept her bedridden for 6 days out of each month. She suffered nausea, back pain, and debilitating headaches, combined with and intense bleeding that lasted on the average 12 days every month.

The bleeding caused her anemia for many years. After I examined her, I discovered she had 2 different Strep bacteria harming her cervix, Strep Pneumonia and Strep Viridans, as well as Staph bacteria infection. She was infected with Brucella bacteria and Treponema “bacteria” in her liver and kidneys, vaginal area and her pudendal nerve.

BEFORE: Toxins and Infections I found causing havoc in her body...

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Here's what I found in her cervx:

  • streptococcus bacteria
  • streptococcus viridans bacteria
  • staphylococcus aureus bacteria

*Staph bacteria can cause the same painful tissue changes to the uterus and all organs like it did to this person’s skin.

In her ovaries, she had:

a bacteria called treponema

Brucella bacteria

Streptococcal bacteria

In her uterus, I discovered:

treponema bacteria

In her liver, which have to regulate hormones or regulate her periods, she had:

  • treponema

Her kidneys had:

  • treponema bacteria

Her brain had:

  • treponema bacteria

Her vaginal tissue had:

  • treponema bacteria

On her pudendal nerve, which runs from the spine throughout the entire uterus and cervix area, which one that's infected inflame a cause pain in those tissues of the pelvic region, she had:

  •  treponema bacteria

In a third exam, I actually studied her endometrial tissue again. She had:

  • influenza virus
  • retrovirus
  • chickenpox virus
  • botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin, is very dangerous to tissues. The botulinum toxin can exist in tissue because somebody got infected through food poisoning with the botulinum bacteria.

In her liver, she had:

  • botulinum bacteria toxin

In parts of her brain, she had:

  • fungus

In her thalamus of the brain, which regulates its sensory to the entire body, I discovered:

  • histoplasma fungus
  • tetanus bacteria
  • influenza bacteria
  • staph bacteria

I checked her vaginal tissue, a noninvasive procedure by the way, there I found she had:

  • multiple parasitic infections
  • botulinum bacteria
  • botulinum toxin
  • E. coli bacteria
After: After I examined her, I discovered she had streptococcus pneumonia and streptococcus viridans in her cervix, as well as staphylococcus infection. She was infected with the Brucella bacteria and Treponema in her liver and kidneys, vagina and pudental nerve.

I also found influenza virus and residues of the botulinum toxin which she may have ingested with her food. The thalamus of her brain was infected with fungus, tetanud and staphylococcus bacteria, in addition to multiple parasitic infections throughout her body, and e coli as well as botulinum.

After I treated her, her symptoms rapidly vanished.

She no longer misses work.

Decades of Migraines vanished

No more need to visit the ER every month like she did for many years

Her excessive bleeding for 12 days each month is reduced to 7 days of light bleeding

Her clotting, which was all throughout every day of those twelve days, is now reduced only one day and only one time of clotting in that one day every month

Anemia of many years is gone!


To effectively treat a woman properly, and provide her relief from this draining Endometriosis disease, we must look at this disease as a systemic problem.

You must think outside the box of the conventional approach and consider every facet of the problem, not just superficial symptoms.

If you are suffering from Endometriosis, book an appointment at my clinic by clicking on the link below.

Get your life on the right trajectory of abundant health.

“When I listened to Dr. Herman describe what causes Endometriosis I cried for hours. Finally, a doctor made sense! Our best decision was to fly to Dr. Herman from Australia. Now, and for the last year, I feel better than I have in 20 years.”
Emma Leigh-Undead, Australia

“24 long years I suffered Endometriosis. The pain was unbearable. Medication and surgery didn't help. Now, after 2 protocols from Dr Herman, I miss no more work. I have no more pain!”

Argelia Para-Solis, Chicago

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"Essential Temor was the diagnosis provided me by my neurologist. Dr Herman's unique method of practice provided me insight as to the hidden causes of my tremors."

Now I am tremor free! I recommend every person to see Dr. Herman."

Marlene Girard

”I suffered Restless Legs Syndrome for more than 50 years. Insomnia accompanied my Restless Legs condition.

My wife says Dr Herman provided me a miracle! 50+ years of RLS and Insomnia gone after my 1st visit with Dr Herman!”

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"Severe Migraine headaches for more than 40 years of my life. I suffered day and night. Now, after several treatments with Dr Herman...

I am happy to finally say...No More Migraines for more than 18 months!"

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“I cannot thank Dr Herman enough for what he has done for me. 5 visits to the hospital over several months trying to find answers for my rapid heart rate condition aka tachycardia aka POTS.

In one examination visit and one protocol, from Dr Herman, my resting heart rate dropped from 100bpm while resting in bed to an average 58bpm – 65bpm.

Matthew L

"24 long years I suffered Endometriosis. The pain was unbearable. Medication and surgery didn't help.

Now, after 2 protocols from Dr Herman, I miss no more work. I have no more pain!"

Argelia Parra-Solis

“12 years of my Parkinson’s Disease symptoms getting worse and worse. I followed Dr. Herman for more than 2 years before I made the best decision to seek him for care of my PD.

Now, I am feeling significant improvement in my daily functions!”

Dan Smeege

“For 8 long months, I suffered intense pain across my entire body. I felt like I was dying.

My heart rate, for 2 long years was 120bpm while resting. Doctors and hospitals had no answers for me. I am lucky my mother found Dr Herman! During my first protocol that Dr Herman provided me, all my pain disappeared and my resting heart rate dropped to 70bpm!”

Joshua Peel

“I suffered bladder symptoms including chronic UTI’s for 50+ years.

I am still amazed that after 2 visits with Dr Herman I have no more

UTI’s or bladder symptoms! Kudos to Dr Herman!”

Pamela Peterson

”My diagnosis as Dysautonomia aka POTS. 5 medications and nasal sprays did not help me feel better.

Dr Herman saved my life! I am nearly 100% better. Thank you Dr Herman!"

Jessica Cruz

“Nobody that I know of or ever heard of has ever achieved what we’ve achieved with my Hashimoto’s condition. I’m over the moon and Dr. Herman has helped me far beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

It’s worked Amazingly!”

Sharlene Kerekes

"For the last 4 years, I was living at a level 9 and 10 of pain. Like it wouldn’t drop below like an 8, 9, or 10, and like I was always in severe pain. And now, like after 2 weeks, I was at least a 7, and I started noticing it was helping. And then after 2 months, I was off one of my pain medications and I was maybe a 5 in pain!”

Krystal Vaughn

“I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome at 15 years of age after I suddenly began to experience multiple, painful joint dislocations. Every movement I made I experienced dislocations of my joints…all of them. I am so glad my mother found Dr. Herman. Since completing my 2nd protocol he designed for me, I have enjoyed the last 2 months with not one joint dislocation! Not one!”

Kaylee Rademaker

"I took immune suppressant medicine for my Lupus. The medication caused me ulcers. I had to stop taking those medicines. Dr Herman is the only physician who helped me recover. It was a tough journey but we did it!"

Shelia Ocasio

“Incontinence caused me a lot of suffering for 10 years. I was leaking in my bed every 30 minutes. A good night sleep was impossible for me. By the time I rushed to the bathroom my bladder had emptied onto the floor. I was miserable. My family and I are so grateful for Dr. Herman. The control I gained over my bladder was so fast I was amazed. Months after treatment and I still have no leaky bladder! Going to see Dr. Herman was the best decision I made.”

Roslyn Knowles

“I sneezed violently, 200 times a day, every day, for 8 months with no relief from various remedies and nasal sprays. I also used the netti pot which actually caused my sneezing to get worse. Dr. Herman’s method stopped my sneezing so fast. Everyone who suffers sinus congestion and constant sneezing should go to Dr. Herman. He finds the root causes and helps you eliminate them!”

Lorraine Shute

“My daughter, since birth, was not developing properly. By 3 years of age, in addition to her syncope condition, she also could not speak words. After her 1st protocol she had no syncope and she was able to speak a few words…for the first time!”

Onyx Smith’s Mother