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Quantum Resonance Food Sensitivity Exam is an Essential Component of Dr. Herman's Overall Rapid Health Restoration Bundle...

Discover how this powerful food allergy test will reveal how your symptoms, caused by inflammation, are in part caused by reactions to certain foods…

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Transform to Optimal Health with this Unique and Powerful Food Allergy Test

Dr. Herman's food allergy test is the most unique and eye-opening glimpse into your overall health.

It goes beyond just the standard food allergy test. It goes much deeper than that…

Did you know even the most healthy food could be a poison for your body?

Dr. Herman's unique approach to food sensitivity assessment revolutionizes the way we look at the relationship between food and the body.

It goes way beyond the the traditional approach to nutrition which is very simplistic.

The traditional approach assumes every person responds exactly the same to the same food and nutrients, completely eliminating individual differences.

As a result, all patients are traditionally studied in the same simplistic manner, they are offered cookie-cutter recommendations, and many either stay really ill or become more ill without ever finding out why.

I have seen countless patients who followed the exact food guidelines and protocols, exercised regularly, and even invested in expensive organic food, only to succumb to unexplained and unspecified chronic, debilitating illnesses.

They simply had no idea the “healthy foods and supplements” were slowly shortening their lifespan.

Many foods you are consuming have been originally sprayed with toxic chemicals which serve to increase shelf longevity, and make them look fresh, sometimes months after harvesting.

You are buying these foods, convinced you are getting high quality nutrition, and instead, you are consuming depleted foods loaded with toxic chemicals or even GMO foods that are being sold as “natural”.

When you buy organic foods, you think you are paying for truly organic foods. Unless the food has been labeled as “certified organic”, you are buying cleverly labeled commercially grown toxic foods.

The worst part is, these toxins get accumulated in your body, causing progressive damage to your organs, your systems, and your overall functionality that over time, in its diminished state, is assigned to “normal aging”.

Getting old should not equal deterioration. This is the biggest misconception and a myth that supports pharmaceutical industry whose main purpose is to camouflage the damage through temporary pharmaceutical remedies, all of which carry potential severe side effects.

Food allergy tests will not detect these toxins. The entire premise of food allergy testing is that your body reacts to certain things in a particular way.

To food allergy test or not to food allergy test?

The entire premise of food allergy testing is that your body reacts to certain foods in a particular way.

The labs test this reaction on biomarkers that are supposed to indicate food sensitivity.

If these biomarkers are not present, they assume the food you are eating is healthy for you.

Furthermore, the physician then recommends you to stop eating the foods the lab says you are sensitive to.

Here's Case Studies of 2 of My Clients Who Were Shocked at The Findings of Their Food Allergy Test…

Patient #1:

Embrace how a man with Parkinson's Disease  discovered these foods he always enjoyed were actually hurting him… Click Here to Read More

Patient #2:

Discover how a young woman with involuntary, painful joint dislocations due to a “genetic” disorder known as EDS… Click Here to Read More

They test this reaction on biomarkers that are supposed to indicate food sensitivity.

If these biomarkers are not present, they assume the food you are eating is healthy.

The tests do not address the toxic chemicals you have ingested.

What I discovered is your symptoms are caused by inflammatory reaction in response to what you are ingesting.

This includes an inflammatory reaction to the toxins you have ingested with your food.

Many years ago I used food allergy testing, and many of my patients followed the dietary recommendations gained from their food allergy lab results.

I monitored these patients for many months, as they promised me they followed the diet plan outlined for them.What I found shocking and disturbing is that few of these patients noticed a slight change in some of their symptoms, while others noticed zero change in their symptoms after removing the foods over a period of many months.

This convinced me there was a lot more going on behind the scenes than a standard food allergy test was able to tell.

I became determined to discover what it was and how to eliminate it.

Traditional approach to food allergies leaves too many questions unanswered. These questions are:

  1. Why does the person have the sensitivity or allergic reaction to the food in the first place?
  1. Will elimination of the food help the person overcome their pain or life-threatening illness?
  2. If elimination of the particular foods is the right approach, as the labs and many health professionals state it is, then how long after the food is eliminated before the person feels better or shows signs on other labs they are getting better?
  1. Does the person have to stay away from that food item for the rest of their life, whether or not the person felt significant relief from symptoms or no relief from their symptoms as a result of removing the food, so they can stop the inflammation?

My unique food allergy test is extremely fast and

rapidly accurate in finding the root cause… 


In only a short hour, I’ll be able to exactly pinpoint which foods, beverages, spices and supplements are causing your inflammation, and also the underlying and previously hidden disease-causing infections and toxins that make you “allergic” or sensitive to these foods.

It’s all about going deeper and uprooting the camouflaged causes of your disease so you can rapidly feel better.

Based on my findings, hundreds of my patients have regained their optimal health, sometimes just by making a single adjustment to their eating and supplement consumption habits.

I will share with you, here, briefly, the stories of two of my patients. One whose intense hip pain was caused by aloe he used daily. The day after he stopped consuming aloe his hip pain decreased by 60%!

A young woman suffered anaphylaxis with corn consumption and even just from smelling popcorn near her. Her issue with corn also led, in part, to a painful joint condition.

After she removed corn from her life she did NOT get better. I found several infections in her body which were concealed from her other doctors.

When we safely removed these infections, her symptoms rapidly withdrew from her life. She came in contact with corn again with NO MORE anaphylaxis and no more painful “genetic” joint disease!

Because of the power of my unique method, I strongly encourage you to add the essential Food Sensitivity Assessment protocol to your overall health assessment appointment.

This inexpensive and extremely powerful test can totally transform the rest of your life.

Book your appointment here and click the add on button for your Food Sensitivity Test.

These Could Be Your Poisons…

Animal Protein

“He was stunned when he learned why he had to stop eating meat immediately.”



“Fish = Inflammation … Imagine, even Wild Caught Salmon may be linked to chronic nerve pain!”


“Do you have an allergy to shellfish?

Imagine stopping the “allergy”


“Are herbal teas, green tea, organic coffee, bottled water any safer for you than harmful soda pop?” 


American Heart Association:
Olive Oil in the diet may lower heart disease risk.
Is this really the best advice? Your body knows better. 


Sugar and spice is thought to be nice…but certain spices may be hurting you.



“Lactose Intolerance? Have you ever wondered why?”

“Dairy…is it healthy for your bones?”


“Wheat, rye, rice, corn, and even gluten-free grains may inflame your brain.

Find the hidden cause.
Remove it.
Enjoy these grains again.”

Nuts & Seeds

“They laughed when I said nuts and seeds were bad for them. But when they found out why.”


“Will an apple a day keep the doctor away?

Hmmm…you might have been misled” 🍎 


To eat or not to eat citrus fruits?
The question can now be answered.


“Nightshade foods might harm some people…

But these foods may be totally ok for you…”


“There is a lot of talk about Celery Juice as a great disinfectant and a disease reducer…Your body may tell us the exact opposite”

Beans / Legumes

“Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart…

Your body might disagree”



Are you sweetening your sweet tooth with the right sweetener?


“Your supplements may be hurting you.”

How Dr. Herman's Unique Food Sensitivity Assessment Can Change Your Life…

Immediate Test Results In Your First Visit

A checklist of foods you must immediately remove from your diet

A checklist of foods that are best for you

Which parts of your brain and body have been affected by the foods you've been eating

Immediately discover the hidden disease-causing infections locked in your body and associated with the foods, creating serious stress in your entire body

Exact protocols to immediately start reducing your symptoms that were linked to “offending” foods

A whole new approach to your nutrition

An inexpensive way to radically modify your diet for better health

An easy way to enjoyably modify your diet without feeling deprived or hungry

A plan to help you take total control over your weight, your diet and your total health

Food for Thought…
Poison for Your Body…

Get Rid of Poisons from Your Body!


Organic Foods Are Best…Even if you have already completely switched to organic foods many years ago, you are still carrying a tremendous amount of previously ingested toxic pesticides. These poisons are proven to alter hormone levels, damage the liver, strain the intestines, complicate the kidneys and drain the brain’s ability to fire on all cylinders…and even cause cancer.

Now, with Dr. Herman's unique and essential food sensitivity test you can hunt down these poisons, like RoundUp glyphosate in every tissue in your body. Once they are uncovered you will have a safe and effective strategy, using liquid drops, to help you uproot these poisons and then to eject them from your body. 

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This inexpensive and extremely powerful test can totally transform the rest of your life.