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Tortured by your bladder disorder (INterstitial cystitis)?

Relief from your pain of Interstitial Cystitis is just around the corner…

Forget You Ever Suffered from Interstitial Cystitis…

Interstitial Cystitis can be the most debilitating and torturous condition.

Not only does it cause extreme pain and burning sensations, it also becomes the key theme of a person's day.

Debilitated by pain and constant sensations of fullness in the bladder, it affects all your daily activities and severely impairs your intimate relations.

If you have received this diagnosis, you have most likely been prescribed a plethora of medications, none of which worked, and your condition got progressively worse.

You may have even received anxiety drugs and counseling to alleviate your depression and anxiety, which becomes a secondary condition for all Interstitial Cystitis sufferers.

We have some really good news for you…


The Good News Is...

Interstitial Cystitis can be aggressively and effectively addressed, with extraordinary results, with the powerful proprietary method I developed.

I have helped thousands of people completely get rid of its devastating effects.

The method I'm using is unique and works fast.

I discovered Interstitial Cystitis is caused by hidden infections and toxins which typical doctors completely miss.

They just don't have the diagnostic tool and expertise.

I’ve also developed Rapid Health Recovery System which is a unique examination process I use to develop safe and powerful bladder restoration protocols that include liquid drops, uniquely designed to enhance your ability to remove these IC-causing infections and toxins from your body.

Each patient is different and requires a uniquely prescribed protocol designed just for them.

When you come to my clinic, you will be treated as a unique individual and receive a custom treatment, designed just for you.

Here's an Amazing Transformation of One of my Clients…
Patient 1 Transformation
Before: Amanda Verde, 25 years old from New Jersey

When Amanda Verde came to my clinic, she had exhuasted all the medical avenues to receive help. She has seen every specialist under the sun who tried to help her since she was in the fourth grade.

As the years went by, she got progressively worse.

Her symptoms included pelvic burning sensations, irritable bowel syndrome, and irritating migraines. In addition, she suffered from ADD for all the years in school, continued need to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes, debilitating fatigue and lethargy which she attempted to sleep off.

She slept in a fetal position trying to relieve the pain in her bladder. Doctors gave her every kind of antibiotic including doxycycline, amoxicillin, and Flagyl.

When I examined her, I discovered a plethora of toxins and infections in her body. For example, I discovered tetanus and scabies infection, as well as Epstein-Barr virus in her brain.

The part of the brain containing these infections is directly responsible for controlling the bladder, the kidneys, and the pelvic muscles.

When the bladder is infected, it can lead to spasms of the pudendal muscle which is found in the reproductive area.

When I examined her pudendal muscle, I found a significant amount of streptococcus and staphylococcus bacteria which caused inflammation of the muscle.

I discovered that her bladder was infected with different kinds of mold and enterococcus bacteria, in addition to parasitic infection, and cerabral spinal fluid infection.

BEFORE: All the Toxins and Infections I found causing havoc in her body...

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Brain controls the bladder. The brain controls the kidneys. The brain controls the pelvic muscle. When the brain is stressed it can go into spasms.

Her brain contained:
Epstein-Bar virus

The pudendal muscle is  found in the reproductive area. When it is infected, it creates a sensation of pain in the bladder.

Her pudenal muscle contained:
Staphyloccus aureus

Bladder contained:
Staphyloccus aureus
Black mold
Enterococcus bacteria

Her vagina contained:
Staphyloccus aureus
Falgyl bactrim antiboiotics


After Treatment:

After diagnosing the cause of her urgent IC condition, my lab prepared a number of safe and powerful liquid drops which helped her eradicate the infections in her body.

Her symptoms completely disappeared and she no longer had to sleep in a fetal position.

She is now completely symptom free.



Bladder pain - Gone!

Cystitis disappeared!

Migraines vanished!

Urgency decreases from every 15 mins to 2 hours

No longer had to sleep in fetal position

Irritable bowel syndrome gone!

Anxiety and Depression mostly gone!

ADD - Gone!

Patient 2 Transformation
Before: Judith Klassen, 31 years of age, mother of 1, Canada

Judith was diagnosed 10 years ago with a severe Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

Due to her MS she had zero control of her bladder.

Her bladder was so overactive and uncontrollable that she would instantly void as soon as she began to drink even a small amount of fluid. For many years she had to sit on the toilet bowl while drinking because she suffered an immediate release of urine as soon as began to drink.

The only way she could drink was to have her husband pick her up from her wheelchair and move her to the toilet bowl. Otherwise they encountered a terrible mess.

Medications she tried, for her MS, provided her no relief from her progressive MS and no relief from her overactive and uncontrollable bladder disorder.

During my unique examination process, I uncovered the real reasons why she couldn’t hold her bladder for even 1 minute while drinking liquids.

A toxic substance used in dental work and epidural injections was saturated in and destroying the bladder controlling parts of her brain. The toxin was Lidocaine anesthetic.

Her brain, her glial cells which repair nerves, her hypothalamus which controls release of urine from kidneys were all poisoned by leftover residues of this anesthetic.

Also, she was infected with Lyme disease infections in her Cerebrospinal Fluid and on her myelin sheath.

Her renal artery was embedded with influenza virus. This directly stressed the kidney function.

Toxic mercury was found in her blood which affected the ability of her brain to control her bladder, and it directly hurt her bladder too.

BEFORE: All the Toxins and Infections I found causing havoc in her body...

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Here are my findings:

Lidocaine anesthetic was found in:

  • Her brain
  • Glial cells which repair nerves and reproduce the myelin coating on the nerves
  • Hypothalamus – tissue in brain which tells kidneys when to release urine to the bladder

Her Cerebrospinal Fluid:

  • Infected with Lyme disease

Her Renal arteries:

  • Infected with influenza virus

Her blood was loaded with Toxic mercury which affected her brain and her bladder.

After Treatment:

After her examination, I developed a safe and effective protocol, with liquid drops that enhanced her body’s ability to eliminate these infections rapidly, so she could begin to recover control of her bladder.

She and her family were stunned by the rapid and amazing transformation that Judith experienced.

Within 2 months she could hold her bladder for 15-25 minutes after she drank fluids.

After 5 months she was ecstatic because, after many years of suffering overactive bladder and incontinence, she was able to hold her bladder for 6 – 7 hours after drinking.

Today, more than 1 year later, she still has perfect control over her bladder.

Her overactive and incontinent bladder has now become a distant memory.



Overactive bladder rapidly became a distant memory

Incontinence no longer existed for her

She can now hold her bladder for 6-7 hours after drinking liquids

My doctors kept telling me I had no chance of every having a normal urine bladder function for the rest of my life. I am so happy I found Dr. Herman because he helped me prove them wrong. My family and I are so grateful for what he has done for me. In addition to my delight that I can hold my bladder again, I am amazed with how rapid the changes took place.”
Judith Klassen


If you want to get rid of Interstitial Cystitis, take advantage of the extraordinary Rapid Health Recovery System which is designed to rapidly remove the root cause of your condition.

You will experience rapid and profound relief from your symptoms and claim the life you deserve.

If you have suffered from chronic bladder disorder, come and see me.

This will be the beginning of a completely different, pain and stress-free life for you.

Watch These Transformational Testimonials of
Bladder Disorder and Interstitial Cystitis…

“After you watch these entire videos, you can finally begin to embrace the reality that you can stop your
bladder disorder and urgent and frequent trips to the bathroom!”
~ Dr. Lonnie Herman

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What Dr. Herman's Clients are Saying…
“Essential Temor was the diagnosis provided me by my neurologist. Dr Herman's unique method of practice provided me insight as to the hidden causes of my tremors.

Now I am tremor free! I recommend every person to see Dr. Herman.”

Marlene Girard

”I suffered Restless Legs Syndrome for more than 50 years. Insomnia accompanied my Restless Legs condition.

My wife says Dr Herman provided me a miracle! 50+ years of RLS and Insomnia gone after my 1st visit with Dr Herman!”

Coach Ronald Christy

“Severe Migraine headaches for more than 40 years of my life. I suffered day and night. Now, after several treatments with Dr Herman…

I am happy to finally say…No More Migraines for more than 18 months!”

Valjean Dixon

“I cannot thank Dr Herman enough for what he has done for me. 5 visits to the hospital over several months trying to find answers for my rapid heart rate condition aka tachycardia aka POTS.

In one examination visit and one protocol, from Dr Herman, my resting heart rate dropped from 100bpm while resting in bed to an average 58bpm – 65bpm.

Matthew L

“24 long years I suffered Endometriosis. The pain was unbearable. Medication and surgery didn't help.

Now, after 2 protocols from Dr Herman, I miss no more work. I have no more pain!”

Argelia Parra-Solis

“12 years of my Parkinson’s Disease symptoms getting worse and worse. I followed Dr. Herman for more than 2 years before I made the best decision to seek him for care of my PD.

Now, I am feeling significant improvement in my daily functions!”

Dan Smeege

“For 8 long months, I suffered intense pain across my entire body. I felt like I was dying.

My heart rate, for 2 long years was 120bpm while resting. Doctors and hospitals had no answers for me. I am lucky my mother found Dr Herman! During my first protocol that Dr Herman provided me, all my pain disappeared and my resting heart rate dropped to 70bpm!”

Joshua Peel

“I suffered bladder symptoms including chronic UTI’s for 50+ years.

I am still amazed that after 2 visits with Dr Herman I have no more

UTI’s or bladder symptoms! Kudos to Dr Herman!”

Pamela Peterson

”My diagnosis as Dysautonomia aka POTS. 5 medications and nasal sprays did not help me feel better.

Dr Herman saved my life! I am nearly 100% better. Thank you Dr Herman!”

Jessica Cruz

“Nobody that I know of or ever heard of has ever achieved what we’ve achieved with my Hashimoto’s condition. I’m over the moon and Dr. Herman has helped me far beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

It’s worked Amazingly!”

Sharlene Kerekes

“For the last 4 years, I was living at a level 9 and 10 of pain. Like it wouldn’t drop below like an 8, 9, or 10, and like I was always in severe pain. And now, like after 2 weeks, I was at least a 7, and I started noticing it was helping. And then after 2 months, I was off one of my pain medications and I was maybe a 5 in pain!”

Krystal Vaughn

“I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome at 15 years of age after I suddenly began to experience multiple, painful joint dislocations. Every movement I made I experienced dislocations of my joints…all of them. I am so glad my mother found Dr. Herman. Since completing my 2nd protocol he designed for me, I have enjoyed the last 2 months with not one joint dislocation! Not one!”

Kaylee Rademaker

“I took immune suppressant medicine for my Lupus. The medication caused me ulcers. I had to stop taking those medicines. Dr Herman is the only physician who helped me recover. It was a tough journey but we did it!”

Shelia Ocasio