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Is your water, filtered or bottled water safe for you to drink?

Water filters often don't extract all the disease causing toxins from your drinking water.

Water filters, including Reverse Osmosis, don't kill the disease-causing microscopic viruses, bacteria, molds, parasites and fungi that are commonly found in water, that also invade your body and lead to many different chronic disease symptoms that people suffer from throughout life.

Municipalities that “filter” our water don't eliminate all germs from our water supply.

These videos I've shared in this post show you what crud remains in the bottom of my water distiller after 1 gallon of filtered water, 6 gallons of filtered water and 7 gallons of filtered water were distilled. (Read the captions below each video)

Imagine this toxic junk and dead organism mix is embedded in your liver and your kidneys causing high blood pressure!

Imagine these organisms and toxic waste is lodged in your brain and your gut leading to lifelong migraines and chronic fatigue!

You might have a nagging foot pain that no other doctor can tell you why it's occurring…because they don't find this crud in your kidneys…and they don't have a strategy to rid the yucky substance from your kidneys…so you live with the foot pain… until I find it and help you rid it from your kidneys and stop your foot pain.

What disease can this disgusting crud cause you, as you continue to absorb this crap into your organs, brain, bone, lymph…? :

          • Cancers
          • Autoimmune disease
          • Low energy
          • Braiin fog
          • Female reproductive system issues
          • Thyroid issues
          • Lymphoma
          • Skin disease
          • Anemia
          • IBS…the list goes on…

One of the major disease causing agents I look for in the human body is this.

I find it in brain, bone marrow, lymph, kidney, adrenal gland, thyroid, uterus…and more places. Once I find this hurting a person (everyone I've tested so far) the customized treatment I provide each person helps rid this from his/her body.

Even if you drink clean H2O now, and for many years already, you have to think of what you drank before, many years ago, that is still embedded in your brain and body, now, many years later… leading to horrible disease now or in your near future.

Remember: You are what you eat…and drink!

Like a tattoo in your skin in one day lasts forever…so do the poisons and germs you drank for many years…they stay in your organs for years causing disease…until we find and remove this 🤢 horrible crud from your body.

It's time to start cleaning yourself… Take Action Now…because tomorrow may be too late.

Learn more about my method… and download my free eBook:

This is the inside of a water distiller!

Picture on left is inside a water distiller after 1 gallon of filtered water was distilled.

Photo in the middle shows what remained in the water distiller after 3 gallons of filtered water were distilled.

The last photo is what remains in the water distiller after 6 gallons of filtered water were distilled.

Look at my next video post showing the remaining junk at the bottom of the distiller after 7 gallons of filtered water were distilled! (facebook won't allow video and pictures in same post)

In my next post, after you are stunned at what remains in the distiller after 7 gallons…read what I find in the water…and where this junk gets stored in your body…and which symptoms it creates.

And even if you are drinking distilled water with added electrolytes and minerals now…or Reverse Osmosis water now…what about all the junk in the water you consumed for the last 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60+ years of your life?!

Where is this junk stored in your body!?