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Lyme Disease Symptoms Can Disappear

Lyme Disease can become history for you, rapidly too…

Imagine your nightmare with Lyme disease swiftly becomes a distant memory!

After years of suffering with chronic pain, malaise, fatigue, weakness, headaches, achy joints and a feeling like you always have the Flu you were finally diagnosed Lyme Disease.

Before the Lyme Disease diagnosis, you suffered these debilitating symptoms every day and every night for many years while traveling from doctor to doctor to doctor, who ran many different labs on you.

All too often doctors reported to you that they found nothing wrong. Some even told you that “it is all in your head.”

Drugs like Gabapentin, NSAIDs, pain relievers and sleeping pills were prescribed with no benefits, and these drugs carry terrible side effects.

Most likely your health condition has gotten worse over the years.

Maybe you recall the common bulls-eye rash after a tick bite. Or maybe you don’t recall a tick bite or the bulls-eye rash…

After diagnosed Lyme Disease, “Lyme-literate” doctors have become the “Go-To” people who are supposed to know what to do about this terrible affliction.

LLMDs prescribe dangerous antibiotics which have been proven to not rid the body of the Borrelia Burgdorferi bacteria, and all the other co-infections associated with your rapidly deteriorating condition.

Traditional approaches don't work because of two reasons:

1.) Underlying toxicity in your body masks the effects of Lyme Disease, and must be removed before Lyme Disease can be directly addressed.

2.) Lyme Disease can be located in any organ or a part of your nervous system or the brain, and to remove it the exact location must be determined.

Traditional medicine does not have the capacity to make this determination.

As you sulk in horrific pain and depressing fatigue, these “literate” doctors offer you diet changes, Meyers cocktail of IV “therapy”, switching antibiotics, enemas and whatever they can throw at you to try to get you to feel better, to no avail.

The Good News Is…

The Good News Is...

The good news is your future can be totally different.

You can overcome Lyme disease naturally, and live your life again without pain and with abundant energy.

I have discovered that “Lyme Disease” is unique to each individual patient. With my unique examination process I have developed I can pinpoint where the Lyme is embedded in your brain and your body.

Afterwards you will be provided very safe and highly effective liquid drops customized for your body’s needs. These drops will help enhance your body’s ability to rid Lyme, Lyme coinfections and all toxins so you can rejuvenate your entire body.

You can experience rapid and dramatic improvement in your health and reduction in your pain, much like the thousands of patients I have helped.

Here's An Amazing Transformations of 2 of my Clients…

Patient 1 Transformation

BeforeAdria Vazquez, Female, 61 years of age, South Florida

When Adria came to my clinic, she suffered with debilitating body pains, chronic fatigue, stabbing ear pain, joint pain, stomach pains, migraines and extreme weakness to the point where she could not even get out of bed most of her days.

Over the years, two diagnoses were given to Adria before we met. One doctor told her she was Lyme +.

While another doctor told her that he didn’t believe in Lyme disease! He diagnosed her with Fibromyalgia caused by, what he believed, Epstein – Barr Virus.

These 2 different diagnoses sent her on a long journey over three decades. She went to different doctors looking for the right treatment to end her suffering.

Treatments offered her included herbal formulas, antibiotics, colloidal silver, IVs of different concoctions, various diets, ozone therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, liver detoxes, colon flushes…all to no avail.

She continued to suffer relentlessly. Her body became only a fragment of what it once was. She was down to only 80 lbs.

She suffered with Lyme living under her skin for years – until she met me.

I was her last resort… And I am the last doctor she has needed to help her overcome her Lyme Disease and the life altering symptoms associated with this chronic illness.

A few days into her first protocol, she knew I was the right doctor for her because my treatment stopped her migraines that she suffered for decades. 3 years later, her migraines never returned!

As I do with all people, from around the globe who come to me for highly effective and safe customized care, I told her that I know that she had more than just the Lyme Disease infection to focus on.

Every patient I have helped overcome symptoms of Lyme Disease has had a plethora of many other infections and various toxins causing their debilitating, chronic and often invisible illness.

Why do I say “invisible illness”? Because many people suffering with Lyme symptoms often show negative in a blood test for Lyme. The stats are that 8 out of 10 tests are False Negative!

I also mention invisible illness because many people appear normal to the doctor who exams them.

People with Lyme can have a normal complexion. They can walk normal and talk normal. Most of their labs show nothing wrong.

With Adria I found Lyme in her brain and her spinal cord. Lyme Disease in the brain and spinal cord cause horrible and debilitating symptoms. I was not surprised how incapacitated she was.

BEFORE: All the Toxins and Infections I found causing havoc in her body...

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Here is the summary of my findings:

  • Her liver was infected with Zika virus.
  • Mold in her sinuses.
  • Mercury, lead, botulinum and botulinum toxin were causing the function of her kidneys dwindle.
  • Multiple parasites were mutilating her stomach causing her years of stabbing stomach pains.

After Treatment:

I prescribed a highly effective and safe protocol to get her healing started. My lab carefully prepared specific liquid drops, which energetically matched the Lyme in the brain – which was slightly different from the amount of Lyme we had to energetically match in her spinal cord.

The energy of the Lyme is used by the body to beat the Lyme out of the tissue we directed the treatment to. Brain + Lyme was the answer.

Within one month, her migraines vanished!

Within six months, her energy levels increased so much she was able to organize her house for the first time in 30 years.

Soon, all her body and joint pains dissipated, completely.

Her amazing health restoration gives hope to others who are suffering, feeling hopeless and stuck, that they too can rapidly climb out of the abyss of their Lyme Disease horror.


Migraines vanished!

Energy levels returned to normal!

Joint pain faded away!

“I tested positive for Lyme Disease. My life was always in bed.

I found Dr. Herman through a recommendation of a friend with Lyme who was in remission from Lyme by treatment with Dr. Herman’s method. I didn’t expect much…because my condition was chronic.

My migraines went away immediately, never to come back! )
Click Here to Read More of Her Amazing Transformational Testimonial)

Adria Vasquez

Patient 2 Transformation

Before: Theodore, 48 year old man from Florida

Read Here what Theodore

Click Here to Read Theodore's full conditions before his amazing transformation)

When Theodore came to see me, he was virtually a cripple.

He had been diagnosed with Lyme Disease which manifested in memory loss, brain fog, and decreased cognitive functions, combined with intense migraines severe Fibromyalgia.

Not only was he in a state of constant daze and confusion, but he was also experiencing constant pain.

In addition to those severe symptoms, his skin developed extreme sensitivity which was compounded by Tachycardia, coldness in his extremities, insomnia, kidney pain, and frequent urination compounded by constant discomfort in his testicles, tremors, and PTSD.

He was a wreck of a man, at the end of his tolerance levels, and I was his last resort.

When I examined him, I discovered his “Lyme Disease” symptoms were really caused by undiagnosed Dengue Fever virus.

I discovered this virus in his adrenal gland and in the adrenal gland hormones, namely cortisol which regulates inflammation and energy, and Aldosterone, which regulates blood pressure.

The inflammation in the cortex of his adrenal gland directly caused chronic fatigue, and life-threatening changes in blood flow to his brain, glands, bones, spinal cord, and all his nerves and organs.

His stomach, heart, and all cartilage throughout his body were severely compromised by this this undiagnosed Dengue Virus.

Further examination revealed mold and Lyme Disease in his brain tissues, Borrelia Burgdorferi bacteria in his stomach.

His arteries in the brain and the spinal chord were infested with Coxiella Burnetti bacteria, Rickettsia, and the Babesia parasite.

I also discovered Cytomegal Virus and Candida Parapsilosis in his cerebral spinal fluid.

The infection in his cerebral spinal fluid massively stressed his entire central nervous system creating the extreme symptoms he came to me with.

Further examination revealed Rickettsia in his prostrate gland.

In addition to all these infections his brain and his cerebellum were filled with Xylocaine.

BEFORE: All the Toxins and Infections I found causing havoc in his body...

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Here is what I found in his body:

Dengue Fever was the primary, previously hidden infection causing “Lyme Disease” symptoms which included:

* Memory loss

* Decreased cognitive functions

* Fibromyalgia type pain across his entire body

* Brain Fog – this symptom was so bad during his consultation that he looked at me the entire visit in a daze. His wife had completed all intake forms and handled the entire discussion. He could not answer one question. Again, his mind appeared to be in a state of daze and confusion.

* Dysautonomia symptoms:

  • POTS – tachycardia upon changes in body position
  • Raynaud’s Phenomenon
  • Extremely cold extremities

* Skin sensitivity

* Discomfort in testicles

* Insomnia


* Constant fever

* Kidney pain

* Intense Migraines

* Tremors

* Frequent Urination

This Dengue virus was uncovered, in different amounts, in the following tissues:

  • Adrenal gland (cortex of the adrenal gland was infected). The cortex of the adrenal gland secretes 2 hormones: 1. Cortisol
  • Aldosterone
  • Cortisol regulates inflammation and energy
  • Aldosterone helps regulate blood pressure

Infection of this cortex leads to inflammation, chronic fatigue and life-threatening changes in blood flow to brain, glands, bone, spinal cord, all nerves and organs.

  • Stomach
  • Heart
  • All cartilage throughout his body

Brain and Cerebellum were toxic with Epidural injection chemicals known as Xylocaine.

Mold and Lyme infections found diseasing his brain tissues

Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria…the main organism found in Lyme Disease was infecting his stomach.

Q Fever aka Coxiella Burnetti bacteria and Rickettsia bacteria and the Babesia parasite infected his arteries of his brain and spinal cord.

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and Candida Parapsilosis infected his Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) – this fluid is around and within all parts of the central nervous system (brain and cerebellum and brainstem and spinal cord and meninges).

**Infection in CSF stresses entire CNS and leads to a possible plethora of Lyme Disease type symptoms anywhere and everywhere in the entire body.

Rickettsia infected his prostate gland

After Treatment:

I quickly placed him on specific, rigorous, and highly effective personalized protocols which included a series of energized liquid drops.

These protocols rapidly helped his body get rid of the infections and toxins that have been compromising his body.

The results came rapidly and astounded everyone.

His brain awoke from its slumber and his energy levels returned to 100% normal.

His skin sensitivity, frequent urination, insomnia, joint pain, and testicular discomfort completely disappeared. 

The temperature in his extremities returned to normal, while simultaneously his tremors vanished and the symptoms of POTS completely disappeared.

He no longer had any fever.

Because of this amazing recovery, he no longer suffered from PTSD.

All this recovery happened without harmful antibiotics, drugs, injections, or expensive laboratory tests.

His rapid recovery took only two months, which is a testimony to the effectiveness of my method.


Awakened brain and absence of brain fog

Energy returned to 100% normal

A return of normal temperature to his extremities

Skin sensitivity completely gone

Frequent urination completely gone

Insomnia vanished

Joint pain gone

Testicular discomfort erased

Tremors stopped

Fever disappeared

POTS symptoms gone

PTSD completely gone

Radiant personality emerged

Watch Theodore’s glowing testimonial now.
Now is your time to get well.

Effective Treatment for Chronic Fatigue, Neuropathy, Migraines, Brain Fog and Chronic Pain
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Dr. Herman’s Important Analysis of Lyme Disease and its Treatment

“Lyme Disease patients, whom I have consulted with about their devitalizing chronic condition all have had one thing in common…they went to the “Lyme Literate” doctor first and they continued to weaken as their pain progressed.

These doctors had one thing in common, they prescribed antibiotics which have been proven to:

Not reduce the infections Cause Candida infections to grow and spread throughout the patient’s body cause other dangerous side effects.

For many years, I took the “functional medicine” approach. I ran labs using different laboratories which were supposed to be the better of the Lyme testing facilities. All too often the labs came back, with what we later discovered were false negatives.

Also, the “functional medicine” approach was never able to determine if Lyme was in the brain, the spinal cord, the glial cells of the CNS, the thyroid gland, the stomach…or any other exact organ, bone, gland, and/or blood vessel in the human body.

If your doctor doesn’t know where the bug(s) and toxins are lurking in your body and feeding on your tissues then the doctor cannot possibly know what to do for you.

Furthermore, we must know what your body can handle and what your exact priorities are. In other words, your kidneys may be overwhelmed with 3 different mercury compounds, Round UP weed killer, 10 viruses, botulinum bacteria and the botulinum toxin (which paralyzes nerve and muscle), dental anesthetics, and possibly the residues of antibiotics like penicillin, amoxicillin, flagyl, macrobid, doxy…and many other antibiotics thrown at you over the years for your chronic ailments…and possibly consumed in the meats you’ve eaten.

When you try to kill Lyme, against what your body can handle at the start of treatment because your body knows that it must begin to alleviate the plethora of harmful infections and toxins in your kidneys BEFORE you can even handle the killing of Lyme and the proper elimination of the Lyme-die-off from your body, you can end up with experiencing a much worse set of symptoms.

Moreover, if you swallow the antibiotic pills or herbal pills (that are “supposed” to kill Lyme) and your “literate” doctor doesn’t have the knowledge or the skill to find that your stomach is loaded with 5 different mold infections, then you are probably…let’s just say, you are just going to get sick and unpleasantly hurl the pills right back up.

Besides, if your “literate” doctor doesn’t know to check your blood vessels for overwhelming, inflammation causing, Candida infections and the like, which have become implanted in your blood vessels, and they IV the antibiotics in your arm…then this too can cause a worsening of your condition.

In addition, using colloidal silver has not proven to rid the abundance of infections and toxins.

In my clinic, I also used the Rife machine. An expensive machine too, I might add. Treating people with this device, while it made sense to defeat the beast you must use its own energy against itself, just didn’t allow the perfect bullseye approach. And sitting next to a machine for many hours, for too many, just wasn’t reasonable.

With my Rapid Health Restoration System I can help you pinpoint all of your priorities so you can begin to recover rapidly, and with sustainable improvements too.

The science I use is based on a biophysics understanding and a more advanced method based on homeopathy too.

One liquid drop provided you after the examination will help you rid, for example, Lyme from your brain! The liquid drops are packed with the ideal energy to help you enhance your own body’s ability to disinfect your body’s tissues from Lyme, wherever it is hiding; and these drops will help you rid the toxins lodged in your brain, glands, organs, blood vessels and bones too.

You are really just one step away from gaining a new lease on life.

I have sacrificed thousands of hours of my time to so I can provide you outstanding care and produce for you the results your doctors thought impossible.

Take action now. You can really get well.”

If you are serious about returning to good health, make an appointment at my clinic by clicking on the link below.

This will be the beginning of a very different rest of your life.

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~ Dr. Lonnie Herman



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What Dr. Herman's Clients are Saying…

“24 long years I suffered Endometriosis. The pain was unbearable. Medication and surgery didn't help. Now, after 2 protocols from Dr Herman, I miss no more work. I have no more pain!”

Argelia Parra-Solis

“Essential Temor was the diagnosis provided me by my neurologist. Dr Herman's unique method of practice provided me insight as to the hidden causes of my tremors. Now I am tremor free! I recommend every person to see Dr. Herman.”

Marlene Girard

”I suffered Restless Legs Syndrome for more than 50 years. Insomnia accompanied my Restless Legs condition. My wife says Dr Herman provided me a miracle! 50+ years of RLS and Insomnia gone after my 1st visit with Dr Herman!”

Coach Ronald Christy

“Severe Migraine headaches for more than 40 years of my life. I suffered day and night. Now, after several treatments with Dr Herman…I am happy to finally say…No More Migraines for more than 18 months!”

Valjean Dixon

“I cannot thank Dr Herman enough for what he has done for me. 5 visits to the hospital over several months trying to find answers
for my rapid heart rate condition aka tachycardia aka POTS. In one examination visit and one protocol, from Dr Herman,
my resting heart rate dropped from 100bpm while resting in bed to
an average 58bpm – 65bpm.

Matthew L

“12 years of my Parkinson’s Disease symptoms getting worse and worse. I followed Dr. Herman for more than 2 years before I made the best decision to seek him for care of my PD. Now, I am feeling significant improvement in my daily functions!”

Dan Smeege

“For 8 long months, I suffered intense pain across my entire body. I felt like I was dying. My heart rate, for 2 long years was 120bpm while resting. Doctors and hospitals had no answers for me. I am lucky my mother found Dr Herman! During my first protocol that Dr Herman provided me, all my pain disappeared and my resting heart rate dropped to 70bpm!”

Joshua Peel

“I suffered bladder symptoms including chronic UTI’s for 50+ years.

I am still amazed that after 2 visits with Dr Herman I have no more

UTI’s or bladder symptoms! Kudos to Dr Herman!”

Pamela Peterson

”My diagnosis as Dysautonomia aka POTS. 5 medications and nasal sprays did not help me feel better. Dr Herman saved my life! I am nearly 100% better. Thank you Dr Herman!”

Jessica Cruz

“Nobody that I know of or ever heard of has ever achieved what we’ve achieved with my Hashimoto’s condition. I’m over the moon and Dr. Herman has helped me far beyond anything I could have ever imagined. It’s worked Amazingly!”

Sharlene Kerekes