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Parkinson's Disease



“If I had known then what I know now, many more lives would 
have been changed…” ~ Dr. Lonnie Herman


Devastated by Parkinson's Disease?

Here's Help…

Parkinson's disease is a devastating and progressively worsening neurological condition which can ultimately lead to a shorter life span.

While traditional medicine is still searching for the cure, most people diagnosed with Parkinson’s experience progressive and steady deterioration.

Often tremors, stiffness and rigidity are the most common beginning signs of this horrible condition. After a while, speech is usually affected, facial expressions become mask-like, writing becomes smaller, and caring for oneself may become quite an ordeal, if not impossible.

I have had first hand experience of watching someone I loved die from Parkinson's disease. 


I have watched his widow lose her loved one. Had I known then what I know now, they would have had at least ten more years of a loving, wonderful relationship.

My personal experience inspired to search for the root causes of Parkinson’s Disease. When I finally uncovered some clues, I began treating patients from across the globe whose lives have been given back to them.

If you are suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, even the most advanced stages, you can begin to find relief at my clinic.

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You are on this page because you are reaching the limits of your tolerance, having been progressively debilitated by a relentlessly cruel Parkinson's disease. You are probably experiencing a significant loss in your motor control, loss of balance, disturbed speech patterns, and an uncontrollable shaking that consumes huge amounts of your energy.

You are probably feeling that your life is out of control, and the things you previously enjoyed are now out of your reach.This is why the cure has never been found. The causes of your Parkinson’s Disease must be uncovered and safely removed from your body for you to even begin to feel normalcy again.

I fully understand where you are. I have watched a loved one die a painful and slow death, slowly losing control of his life and the ability to enjoy the travel and the outdoor activities that defined his life.

As he slipped away, a fragment of the man I knew, I watched his widow, my grandmother embrace a life of loneliness.

My long years of research led me to recognize that Parkinson's disease is always caused by an undiagnosed infection and/or toxin in your brain and body.

Infections may be viral, bacterial, parasitic, mold or fungal. Multiple toxins can be impacting your brain and your body. These include mercury, anesthetic drugs, sedatives, antibiotics residues, and more. Dental work, including root canals, may be a link to your Parkinson's disease.

What I also discovered is that botulinum toxin (aka Botox ) is one of the leading culprits of Parkinson's disease. This toxin is released by the botulinum bacteria. You may have experienced food poisoning many years ago and in reality, the food you consumed was contaminated with botulinum bacteria.

Even if you have never received a botox injection, you may have been infected with botulinum toxin through a mosquito bite, a mild food poisoning years ago, the air you breathe, or water that you drank.

The bacteria flourished inside your nervous system without you ever knowing this was happening. By the time you experienced Parkinson's disease symptoms, the infection was very well advanced.

Traditional medicine has never made a link between a botulinum toxin and Parkinson's disease.

This is why the cure has never been found. The causes of your Parkinson’s Disease must be uncovered and safely removed from your body for you to even begin to feel normalcy again.

My unique diagnostic methods allow me to pinpoint with great precision not only the type of infection you have but also where its located and what other toxins are present.

Once I have found the unique combination of movement disorder-causing infections in your body, I develop a safe and effective protocol with liquid drops that help enhance your body’s ability to eliminate these PD-disease causing agents from dopamine producing areas of your brain and your body.

The results can be fast and astounding.

Let me share with you the amazing success stories of 2 of my patients:

Patient 1 Transformation

BeforeDan is a sixty-four year old man who came to me in advanced stages of Parkinson's disease. 

He was continually shaking and his gait was unstable. His facial expression resembled a mask, while his speech was slow and monotonous. 

His daily life was severely impaired and he required to be taken care of.

When I examined him, I rapidly found several infections distributed throughout his entire body and toxins, some of which came from his root canal causing the symptoms he came to me with.

The dentist took out the root canal upon my request.

Here are my findings:

The first thing I discovered is that his root canal was infected and this infection has spread to his meninges. Meninges are tissues that surround and are connected to the brain and the spinal cord.

The red nucleus, his Cerrebellum, his frontal lobes, the Globus pallidus, and this thalamus were all infected.

This represented a predictable malfunction of the brain.

Upon further examination, I also found botulinum toxin in his glial cells, which are the cells that protect, repair, and reproduce the central nervous system tissues. Botulinum toxin is known to decrease acetylcholine (Ac) which is the ignition switch for Substantia Nigra, to release dopamine into the central nervous system.

To put it simply, a decrease in Ach causes a decrease in release of dopamine. And a decrease in dopamine, we know, causes a decrease in motor control, and can cause depression.

His brain also contained the West Nile Virus which was located in his thalamus. Thalamus is a motor control system of the brain.

My examination further revealed mercury and tetanus bacteria in his Globus Pallidus. Globus Pallidus is a regulator of smooth movements.

The cerebellum of his brain contained significant amounts of dental amalgam, causing an impairment of his movements.

The Circle of Willis artery which feeds the front three quarters of the brain with blood was infected with tetanus bacteria. It also contained the West Nile Virus.

The other infections that I found causing a negative impact to his red nucleus in his brainstem included Zika virus, tickborne encephalitis virus, Colorado tick fever virus, Parvovirus 19, all of which were negatively impacting the motor controlling functions of his red nucleus.

One main function of the Red Nucleus, in the upper brainstem, is the making your arm swing while you walk. Dis-ease of the red nucleus, caused by hidden infections and toxins within, can lead to loss of all motor functions in your body, in addition to loss of the ability to swing one’s arm while walking.

His Amygdala was infected with the Epstein-Barr Virus and influenza as well as contained significant amounts of Lidocaine anesthetic.

When I discovered all these infections, I wasn’t surprised that his functionality was so severely impaired.

BEFORE: Toxins and Infections I found causing havoc in his body...

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Infections negatively impacting areas of his brain:

Botulinum toxin affected his Globus Pallidus, Cerebellum and Thalamus. (these areas of brain directly influence movements of limbs)

Botulinum toxin affected his Glial Cells.

(These cells protect and repair your brain and all nerve tissues. This toxin paralyzes their abilities.)

West Nile Virus affected his Thalamus

(This area of brain deeply integrated in movements of limbs)

Tetanus bacteria affected his Globus Pallidus

(This area of brain influences smooth movements of limbs – when it works optimally it stops the shakes)

Mercury affected his Cerebellum

(This area of brain influences muscles of spine, joints of limbs.)

West Nile Virus affected his meninges

(Meninges surround and protect brain and spinal cord. Infections here stress all brain functions)

Tetanus bacteria and St. Louis Encephalitis virus affected his basilar artery

(The basilar artery carries blood to some areas of Dopamine production in brain.)

Parvovirus 19, Zika, tick-borne encephalitis and Colorado tick fever viruses affected his Red Nucleus.

(Red nucleus in brainstem is a great influencer of motor control of almost all muscles in the entire body)

Epstein – Barr and Influenza viruses affected his Amygdala.

Lidocaine, a local anesthetic used in dental work, also affected his Amygdala. (A stressed Amygdala can cause shaking of limbs, in addition to anxiety, panic and fear)

AfterWhen he followed his customized protocol I developed, with liquid drops to help enhance his body’s ability to safely eliminate these PD-causing infections and toxins, his days and nights rapidly became much brighter and filled with hope.

And he has made great strides in the reversal of his movement disorder and has again found functions which were lost for many years.

He is not shaking so much

Able to do physical work he wasn't able to do before, like his roof work

He is able to maintain his balance and walk along the shoreline

He has high energy

He feels his brain is clear

His sense of humor returned

Patient 2 Transformation

Before: Benjamin, male from Virgin Islands.

When Benjamin came to my clinic, he had no facial expression, his arms were not swinging by his side, and he was walking with very tiny steps.

His fingers were shaking and he was experiencing great difficulty dressing himself, getting out of a chair, and walking up and down the stairs.

When I examined him, I discovered he was suffering from multiple infections and toxins negatively impacting his brain and entire nervous system, which included infections and toxins uncovered in his root canals and crowned teeth.

Here are my findings:

The cortex of his brain was infected with the malaria parasite which was also present in the red nucleus of his brain, in the cerebral spinal fluid, and in the renal pelvis part of this kidney.

His brain contained a large amount of botulinum toxin which was lodged in his meninges and the pre-frontal part of his brain.

Upon closer examination, I discovered his amygdala was affected by the Zika Virus, Chikungunya Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, which directly affected his motor movements.

His teeth, with decades old dental work, contained hidden infections which negatively impacted his amygdala in his brain that led to an anxious feeling and some rigidity of his movements.

The infections from his teeth also affected his Substantia Nigra, an area of brain where most of Dopamine production occurs.” (Easily embrace more about the dental connection to Parkinson’s Disease by Clicking Here) 


BEFORE: Toxins and Infections I found causing havoc in his body...

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Here are some of my findings:

Malaria parasite in the cortex, the red nucleus of the brain

Malaria in the renal pelvis part of the kidney

Mercury in his kidneys

Botulinum toxin in the pre-frontal part of his brain

Zika Virus, Chickungunya, and Easteran Equine Esephalitis Virus in the amygdala

Zika Virus in his meninges

Infection from this teeth affecting the Sustantia Nigra of the brain

After: When Benjamin embarked on my custom prescribed protocols, he rapidly experienced a significant relief from his symptoms.

He is now able to dress himself and get out of a chair without assistance. 

He's able to walk up and down stairs and has way more energy.

His facial expressions returned and a big smile adorns his face.

High energy

Facial expressions returned

Able to get out of a chair unassisted

Able to walk up and down the stairs by himself


If you are suffering from Parkinson's disease, I can assure you there is hope for you.

I have helped thousands of patients experience a massive relief from the debilitating symptoms, and reclaim the life they deserve.

If you're serious about regaining control of your health, make an appointment at my clinic.

I'm looking forward to helping you!

Watch These Amazing Parkinson's Symptoms Relief Videos:

Dan Smeenge, USA
Ephrame Benjamin, Virgin islands

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My wife says Dr Herman provided me a miracle! 50+ years of RLS and Insomnia gone after my 1st visit with Dr Herman!”

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I am happy to finally say...No More Migraines for more than 18 months!"

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“I cannot thank Dr Herman enough for what he has done for me. 5 visits to the hospital over several months trying to find answers for my rapid heart rate condition aka tachycardia aka POTS.

In one examination visit and one protocol, from Dr Herman, my resting heart rate dropped from 100bpm while resting in bed to an average 58bpm – 65bpm.

Matthew L

"24 long years I suffered Endometriosis. The pain was unbearable. Medication and surgery didn't help.

Now, after 2 protocols from Dr Herman, I miss no more work. I have no more pain!"

Argelia Parra-Solis

“12 years of my Parkinson’s Disease symptoms getting worse and worse. I followed Dr. Herman for more than 2 years before I made the best decision to seek him for care of my PD.

Now, I am feeling significant improvement in my daily functions!”

Dan Smeege

“For 8 long months, I suffered intense pain across my entire body. I felt like I was dying.

My heart rate, for 2 long years was 120bpm while resting. Doctors and hospitals had no answers for me. I am lucky my mother found Dr Herman! During my first protocol that Dr Herman provided me, all my pain disappeared and my resting heart rate dropped to 70bpm!”

Joshua Peel

“I suffered bladder symptoms including chronic UTI’s for 50+ years.

I am still amazed that after 2 visits with Dr Herman I have no more

UTI’s or bladder symptoms! Kudos to Dr Herman!”

Pamela Peterson

”My diagnosis as Dysautonomia aka POTS. 5 medications and nasal sprays did not help me feel better.

Dr Herman saved my life! I am nearly 100% better. Thank you Dr Herman!"

Jessica Cruz

“Nobody that I know of or ever heard of has ever achieved what we’ve achieved with my Hashimoto’s condition. I’m over the moon and Dr. Herman has helped me far beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

It’s worked Amazingly!”

Sharlene Kerekes

"For the last 4 years, I was living at a level 9 and 10 of pain. Like it wouldn’t drop below like an 8, 9, or 10, and like I was always in severe pain. And now, like after 2 weeks, I was at least a 7, and I started noticing it was helping. And then after 2 months, I was off one of my pain medications and I was maybe a 5 in pain!”

Krystal Vaughn

“I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome at 15 years of age after I suddenly began to experience multiple, painful joint dislocations. Every movement I made I experienced dislocations of my joints…all of them. I am so glad my mother found Dr. Herman. Since completing my 2nd protocol he designed for me, I have enjoyed the last 2 months with not one joint dislocation! Not one!”

Kaylee Rademaker

"I took immune suppressant medicine for my Lupus. The medication caused me ulcers. I had to stop taking those medicines. Dr Herman is the only physician who helped me recover. It was a tough journey but we did it!"

Shelia Ocasio

“Incontinence caused me a lot of suffering for 10 years. I was leaking in my bed every 30 minutes. A good night sleep was impossible for me. By the time I rushed to the bathroom my bladder had emptied onto the floor. I was miserable. My family and I are so grateful for Dr. Herman. The control I gained over my bladder was so fast I was amazed. Months after treatment and I still have no leaky bladder! Going to see Dr. Herman was the best decision I made.”

Roslyn Knowles

“I sneezed violently, 200 times a day, every day, for 8 months with no relief from various remedies and nasal sprays. I also used the netti pot which actually caused my sneezing to get worse. Dr. Herman’s method stopped my sneezing so fast. Everyone who suffers sinus congestion and constant sneezing should go to Dr. Herman. He finds the root causes and helps you eliminate them!”

Lorraine Shute

“My daughter, since birth, was not developing properly. By 3 years of age, in addition to her syncope condition, she also could not speak words. After her 1st protocol she had no syncope and she was able to speak a few words…for the first time!”

Onyx Smith’s Mother