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The Functional Nurse Practitioner Tara Quintana Interviews Dr. Lonnie Herman

Today we dive deep into possible causes of autoimmune disorders & chronic diseases.  Is it possible to overcome illness and heal the body using Quantum medicine?  We are joined today by Dr. Lonnie Herman.  He is a board certified Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine who then went on through a series of postgraduate studies and did a deep dive into autoimmune, neurodegenerative diseases, and more, with a focus on genetic origins. With over 2 decades of clinical experience, he has worked with thousands of individuals battling chronic debilitating diseases who were able to fully recover through his unique specialized treatments.  He is the creator of the Rapid Health Restoration System – an innovative scientific approach for reversing otherwise incurable conditions.

Just a quick disclaimer that this podcast is meant for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or be a substitute for medical advice from your practitioner.

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