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Business Insiders Interview - Dr. Lonnie Herman

Dr. Herman has helped countless people, restore their optimal health, who have suffered from terrible chronic disease. My passion and life mission is restoring hope to people who were told there was no hope.

I fulfill this passion by using a very precise, scientifically based method to uncover the root cause of any disease, and rapidly eradicate that cause through personalized protocols that are uniquely designed for every person.

So far, thousands of my patients suffering from debilitating and chronic illnesses have fully recovered their optimal health. Their success is the reason I am so completely invested in the cause I embarked on 12 years ago.

My scientific pursuits and vast postgraduate studies included a deep dive into neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases, as well as diseases that seem to have genetic origins. These diseases are destroying lives of millions of people every year.

Diseases such as Lupus, Parkinson’s Disease, or Multiple Sclerosis, condemn people to a life of progressive degeneration, loss of neuromuscular control, and eventually death. While other diseases like Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, painful nerve disorders like neuropathy, debilitating migraines, endometriosis, and low energy conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome rob people of the good quality of life that they deserve.

When these people come to see me, they have typically exhausted all the available medical avenues, and spent a fortune in an attempt to get a relief. My method has successfully helped these kinds of people, from young children to the elderly, to fully restore their optimal health. They are now enjoying a full life again

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