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Dr. Herman's Clinic's Refund Policy

Please respect Dr. Herman’s time and the long waiting list of people desperately seeking his help.

If you can not make your appointment, please provide enough time for Dr. Herman’s clinic assistant to fill this slot in Dr. Herman’s schedule with someone who truly needs it.

If you can not make your appointment slot scheduled, Please call the clinic at least 2 weeks in advance to reschedule.

Once an appointment has been scheduled and deposits have been processed, we are very happy to reschedule and coordinate a new appointment time for your convenience. But note, there are no refunds.

Regarding the refund policy for the appointment time you requested for your Quantum Rapid Health Restoration System Bundle Exam:

A non-refundable deposit to reserve the 4 hour window in Dr. Herman’s schedule, for the Dr. Herman's Quantum Rapid Health Restoration System Exam Bundle is $1500 (USD). If you need to reschedule this appointment, you must handle the reschedule 3 weeks in advance. Our clinic will call you 2-3 weeks before your appointment to confirm this appointment. If we cannot reach you, after 2 attempts…and if you don’t call us back before 10 days of your Quantum Rapid Health Restoration System Bundle Exam, your appointment will be removed from Dr. Herman’s schedule and your $1500 (USD) deposit is non-refundable.