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The Vital Importance of Dr. Herman's Key Quantum Resonance Dental Exam!


Hidden infections in your teeth can run havoc in your brain and body and could be a serious contributor to your chronic illness.

This critically important exam is one of the 3 key components of the Quantum Rapid Health Restoration Bundle.

Here's why…

Here's How Hidden Infections and Toxins In Your Teeth Can Often Be The Root of Your Pain

Your hidden dental health may be a significant part of your health issues.

Mercury fillings, caps, root canals, etc. can be seriously infected and causing chronic illness and pain.

Dr. Herman often finds infections and toxins in your teeth and gums that dentists often aren't aware of because they are so hidden.

In many cases, in addition to his unique resonance dental exam, Dr. Herman refers patients to his qualified dentist for a CT scan of their entire jaw.

Often this CT scan, along with another examination by the dentist is used to develop, in many cases, a life-saving part of your Rapid Health Recovery from your chronic disease.

When making your appointment, allow for a possibility of a overnight stay to accommodate your dental visit.

Dr. Herman will make this decision during your health consultation.

Dr. Herman provides this unique scientific dental examination which takes an hour, and which will clearly give you an insight whether your teeth are a part of your chronic illness.

Informed Patients Have Better Outcomes! Watch These Videos – Knowledge is Power

Get Ready to Discover What's Under Your Capped Teeth

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Examples of How Your Teeth and Gums Dramatically Affect the Health of Your Entire Body

Peri-apical Abscess

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See how silent infection in the jaw of an 18 year old with no cavities lead to a horrible skin rash and ADD – not helped by medicine. 

Undetected Tooth Infection

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Silent, hidden, life-threatening infection under this 5 year old crown causing breast cancer.

Tooth Contributing to Parkinson’s Disease

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Obvious infected and dead tooth linked to tremors and high blood pressure in Parkinson's disease patient.

Infection Discovered Under Gold Crown

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Hidden skin disease-causing infection discovered under 30 year old gold crown. Look at amazing before and after photos…

Severe Gum Recession From Infection

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Periodontal gum disease with severe gum recession caused by several infections linked to dementia, chronic fatigue, body pain and arthritis.

Parkinson's linked to Old Gold Crowns

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Hidden infections and poisonous dental amalgam, linked to Parkinson's disease under these 40 year old gold crowns. Even the greatest neurologist, PD specialist missed this.

Crown Covering Decay from Severe Infection

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 49 year old woman diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis was dismayed when she discovered this rotted tooth under her 20 year old crown that was linked to her thyroid disease. 

See Decay Under Crowns

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Middle aged woman suffered two decades with Fibromyalgia. She was amazed when her dentist confirmed Dr. Herman's suspicions of infection and mercury fillings under 2 of her ten year old crowns.

 This Essential Examination Has Already Transformed the Lives of Thousands of Clients!

Dr. Herman's unique resonance dental examination has been a literal life-saver for thousands of his clients.

Most have reported profound increases in their vitality, and powerful relief of chronic pain in a very short period of time. (See video testimonials)

Listen to Easy to Follow Appointment Setting Steps

It's essential you become familiar with Dr. Herman's extraordinary personalized Resonance Exam, which is specifically designed to rapidly determine the full root cause of your chronic illness. You will be astounded at the rapid results you will immediately receive. To learn more, CLICK HERE