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Skin rashes are not unstoppable!

This young girl suffered a terribly itchy rash for several months.

The rash caused her, and her mother, insomnia because she was constantly scratching & picking…which caused bleeding and crying.

After I discovered which infections, that caused her rash, were deeply embedded in her skin & organs…and we successfully, safely and effectively removed these infections from her body…She is skin rash free! 😁

All doctors her mother brought her to prior to me…had no clue why this unrelenting rash existed in this baby's life.


I will share a video of my discussion about her care…video of her with the rash…And…an even more incredible change in her neurological disorder that occurred after she was provided antibiotics. This development is truly astounding. For now, let's rejoice that she is another skin rash patient who is no longer plagued with the rash.👏